• Yarron Katz is the rare person that understands and can compose film and game music from both musical and cinematic perspectives. I worked with him on 5 projects last year, and we’ll be doing more for sure.
    Dragan Stiglic – SuperPrevis
  • We have been working with Yarron for an on-going project, and he just keeps surprising us at every turn with brilliant sound solutions for our unique game.
    Hadas Noam – Crafty Arcade
  • The audio in this game is surprisingly phenomenal. I actually logged onto the game one day just so I could play the music in the background while doing other things on my computer.
  • …the presentation at the Cannes Film festival would never have gone as well were it not for the powerful music to accompany our trailer.
    Wonder World Pictures
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Get ready for Greatness!

We are busy composing and doing the sound effects for another game from the leader of motion gaming, SideKick.
The game has lush and powerful scenery and a full orchestral soundtrack is being made to only enhance the majesty of the game.

So we just wanted to present a small taste of things to come for the upcoming game Air Time.


Snow Canyon Preview by Yarron Katz

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